Prestashop's "Advanced Parameters / Logs" page provides directors with direct access to newspapers (logs) of the shop. These logs are essential to diagnose problems, monitor suspicious activities, and understand user behavior. Effective management of logs is crucial for troubleshooting, security, and optimization of the shop performance.


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Visualization of logs: Access a detailed list of recorded events, including errors, warnings, and information on specific activities within the store. Filtering and research: Use filters to search for specific inputs in the logs, depending on the gravity, the date, the employee, or the error message, thus facilitating the rapid identification of the problems. Error analysis: Examine the recorded errors to understand the causes of the problems encountered by the store or by users, and take the necessary corrective measures. Safety monitoring: Monitor the logs to detect any suspicious activity or attempted unauthorized access, contributing to the prevention of security violations. Management of severity levels: Understand the different levels of severity of the logs to prioritize troubleshooting and correction actions. Log export: Export logs for more in -depth analysis or to keep them as proof in the event of legal necessity or security procedure. Log cleaning: delete the old log inputs to keep the clean database and to optimize the shop performance. Configuration of notifications: Set the notifications to be alerted in the event of critical errors, allowing you to react quickly to minimize the impact on the store. Documentation and support: Access resources to better understand log management and to obtain help on the interpretation of specific inputs. Best Practices: Follow the best practices for log management, including regular logs, securing access to logs, and the use of logs for the continuous improvement of the store.

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