Prestashop "Advanced Parameters / Teams" page allows owners of stores to manage the accounts of employees who have access to the back office. It offers features to add new employees, configure their profiles, assign roles with specific permissions, and establish security measures to protect access to the shop administration.


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Creation of employees accounts: Add new employees by providing their personal information, such as name, email address, and password. Assignment of roles and permissions: Define profiles or roles for employees, each profile with specific permissions that determine the back office sections to which they can access. Management of employee profiles: modify or delete existing accounts, and adjust their information or permissions according to changes in roles or operational needs. Safety of accounts: Configure safety measures such as limiting unsuccessful connection attempts and automatic expiration of passwords to protect access to the back office. Activity journal: Monitor the activity of employees in the back office thanks to a newspaper that records the actions carried out, thus contributing to transparency and security. IP access restrictions: Limit access to the back office to certain IP addresses to strengthen security and prevent unauthorized access. Personalization of the interface: Allow employees to personalize certain aspects of their administration interface to improve efficiency and user experience. Email notifications: Configure the automatic sending of email notifications to employees to inform them of specific tasks or security alerts. Training and resources: Provide employee training resources and guides to help them effectively use back office and understand their responsibilities. Use policies: Establish clear policies concerning the use of the back office and the management of the store data, ensuring the compliance and protection of sensitive information.

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