The "Advanced / Email" parameters "page of Prestashop allows administrators to configure the boutique email sending system, including the choice between email shipping by PHP or via an SMTP server . This feature is crucial to personalize the sending of emails, optimize deliverability, and ensure that important communications reach customers.


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Configuration of the sender: Define the email address and the name of the sender who will appear on emails sent to customers, thus strengthening the brand identity. Email sending method: Choose between using the PHP mail () function for a simple configuration or configuring an SMTP server for more advanced control and better deliverability. SMTP parameters: In the event of the use of an SMTP server, configure details such as the SMTP server, the port, the encryption (SSL/TLS), as well as the authentication identifiers. Email configuration test: Send a test email to check the configuration and ensure that the email sending system is working properly. Management of emails in queue: manage emails which could not be sent immediately and which are put in queue for a new test. Email logs: Access email logs to monitor the emails sent, identify issues of deliverability, and check the errors. Safety and authentication: Configure the safety options for sending emails, including authentication and staggered, to protect sensitive information. Limitation of rate: Establish limits on the number of emails sent per hour to avoid overloading the server or being marked as spam. Personalization of email templates: Access the options to customize the email models sent for different actions and notifications of the store. Compliance and regulations: Make sure that your email sending parameters comply with the regulations in force, such as the GDPR, in terms of email communication.

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