Prestashop's "Catalog / Stock" page offers a complete and detailed view of the inventory of your store. It allows you to follow and manage the stock levels of all products, update the quantities in stock, and to view the history of stock movements. This tool is essential to ensure effective inventory management, avoid stock breaks, and maintain a good rotation of the products.


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Visualization of the stock: Access a complete overview of the current stock state for all products. Visualize the quantities available, product references, and other key information. Quantity update: quickly and easily modify the quantities of stock for each product, which is essential to maintain the accuracy of stock information. Low stock alerts: Configure and receive alerts for products whose stock reaches a critical threshold, allowing you to plan the replenishments in time. Management of stock movements: Follow the stock inputs and exits, including sales, returns, and inventory adjustments. History and reporting: Consult the complete history of stock movements for each product, providing precious data for inventory analysis and planning. Data export: Export stock information for offline analysis or to integrate it into other management systems. Integration with supplier orders: if integrated, manage orders with suppliers directly in connection with stock levels. Inventory optimization: Use stock data to optimize your inventory, balancing product availability and storage cost. Prevention of stock breaks: Probly act to avoid stock breaks, based on sales trends and forecasts. Intuitive interface: The page is designed to be easy to use, allowing effective stock management even for less experienced users.

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