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The "Creating a standard product" feature in Prestashop is a powerful and flexible tool to add new products to your catalog. It allows you to define essential details such as name, description, images, prices, and much more. This intuitive interface guides users through each stage of the creation of a product, ensuring that all the necessary information is included for an effective and attractive presentation of the product.


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Basic information: Start by entering the basic information of the product, such as the name, the short and long description, and the UPC or the barcode if applicable. Images and media: Download high quality images and other media (such as videos) for the product. These visuals are essential to attract customer attention and provide a clear representation of the product. Price and tax: Define the sale price, the price before discount, tax rules, and possibly a wholesale price if the product is also sold in B2B. Stock and inventory: Manage the stock of the product by indicating the quantity available, stock management, and possibly defining a low stock alert threshold. Variants and attributes: If the product is available in different variants (sizes, colors, etc.), configure these attributes and their combinations, each of which can have their own sku, price, and quantity in stock. SEO and URL: Optimize the product for search engines by adding a SEO title, a meta description, and a personalized URL. Delivery options: Enter the information relating to delivery, such as weight and dimensions, which will influence the calculations of delivery costs. Associations: Combine the product with specific categories in your shop, and possibly brands or suppliers. Personalization: Add customization fields, if you want customers to be able to personalize the product (for example, for personalized engravings or color choices). Advanced options: Configure advanced options such as specific price rules, quantity reductions, and associated products for Upsels and Cross-Sells.

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